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  1. Redesign look and feel to respond to screen size

  2. Add a historical data audit like Toolkit

  3. Show the 52 week high and low prices on the main SSG graph  ·  completed

  4. Have only one ticker input field for all studies, like in Toolkit.

  5. Add quarterly data to book values for banks.

  6. When making manual changes to data change the color of the changed data so it can be quickly recognizes as changed

  7. Make labels more descriptive

  8. Add the ability to import portfolio data from Folio Investing portfolios

  9. On the Portfolio and Studies page, let portfolio view extend across user's screen to reduce scrolling

  10. Add ability to create personal data backup for portfolios

  11. Add to portfolio tools the Portfolio Report Card similar to TK6's report

  12. Add a Stock Wish List - A list of Stocks to look further into

  13. Include a direct link to member sentiment data from judgment pop up.

  14. "Quarterly Data" graphs: Add a "most recent 3 years" option.

  15. Allow changing the data in the estimated EPS column on the PERT form.

  16. SSG Printouts Should Mirror the Data Series and Time Periods the User Selected in SSG Plus  ·  started

  17. Date stamp for SSG study date/update.

  18. Add the "red line" to show current price in the Data Preview feature of the Screener.  ·  completed

  19. When adding a stock to a portfolio allow a "Lot" structure so a cost/share can be added allowing for gain/loss reporting throughout  ·  declined

  20. On the Research , Analysts Estimates, since Zacks supplies the data to NASDAQ can the NASDAQ entry be labeled to indicate that?

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